Interviews & More

Traveling takes a lot out of me, so I jump at every opportunity to share what I know in other ways. Here’s a list of interviews and such I’ve given.




My work has also been cited in Adaptive User-Device Interface Generation for Websites by O. D. Alao, J. V. Joshua, A. O. Adebayo, M. O. Agbaje, G. A. Onanuga, O. Abereowo, Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 by Ben Frain, Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to (X)HTML, StyleSheets, and Web Graphics by Jennifer Niederst Robbins, Implementing Responsive Design by Tim Kadlec, Pro CSS Techniques by Dan Rubin, Ian Lloyd, and Jeff Croft, Designing with Progressive Enhancement: Building the Web that Works for Everyone by By Todd Parker, Scott Jehl, Maggie Costello Wachs, Patty Toland, Web Standards Creativity by Andy Budd, et al, and Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web Design by Andy Clarke and Molly Holzschlag.